My personal and professional life reflect my deep commitment to a socially just and equitable society.  As an experienced mentor, consultant, and professional coach I enjoy teaching and supporting people in organizations in the non-profit and for profit sectors.  I love working with individuals in the process of change.

In my volunteer role, I have found inspiration coaching leaders of social justice organizations and am also thrilled to belong to a choir whose mission is to sing to people at their bedside during life’s most difficult transitions.

I have skills ranging from organizing for the rights of workers in a service union to strategizing for effective leadership in one of the Bay Area's largest social service organizations. I am one of the founders of the San Francisco Bioethics Forum and I participated in a citywide consortium whose mission was the protection of  the elderly.  In both committees I was selected to chair for more than 10 years.

My professional credentials include:  Professional Certified Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker,  and trained Mediator. 

I am an award winning marathon runner.